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Enrich your Bible education in a traditional classroom. If you enjoy the dynamics of an instructor-led setting and interaction with other students, these classes are for you! Check the list below for class schedules and locations. 

Now resuming on campus courses in Lancaster and remote classes in Washington.

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Washington, DC

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Classes in Lancaster are now scheduled for Monday evenings, from 6pm – 8:30pm.  Social distancing and masks required at all times.

Sept. 14 - Oct. 19

In an era of rapid cult growth worldwide, with many types of cults springing up, Christians today more than ever need the trustworthy information and truth of scripture that will be learned in the Kingdom of the cults. We will touch on past cults, present cults and up and coming cults that are affecting and distorting God’s word. Please join us in a very exciting class with excellent conversations exposing the real reasons behind the Kingdom of the cults.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Apostle John, “the one who Jesus Loved,” writes this Gospel, so that “you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name!” Through signs and miracles that Jesus performed and recorded by John’s firsthand account, we’ll see how Jesus confirms that He is the “Bread of Life” to a dark world, the Gate, the Resurrection, the Vine, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

When God seems distant, our prayer life is shallow or non-existent, our faith weak, or we lose our focus, what steps might we take to move forward and even flourish? This course is a learn-by-doing survey of various models and practices developed through the ages. We will build a basic toolkit of practices, models, and approaches to help you to grow and flourish in Christ now and into the future. Together we will learn how to create a vision for your faith, become intentional, and have methods and means to become the person God created you to be.

This course is a study of one of the most direct books in the New Testament. James’s approach to spiritual maturity and his preference for action over words, makes his text the perfect backdrop for a study of how to grow in our faith. We will explore the key topics in the book; how to overcome temptation, controlling the tongue, effective prayer, and how to practice what the Bible teaches.

Nov. 2 - Dec. 7

This course covers Christian belief in relation to the growth of adults, belief-doubt relationships, key areas of conflict for the modern believer, and sources of certainty. With a survey of the main themes of Christian theology with special emphasis on the development of a biblical world view, topics include the basis of authority, the nature of God, sin and human nature, the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Church.

The Bible clearly communicates that possessing wisdom is vital to enjoying the ‘good life’ God has planned for us. Fortunately, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are packed full of all the godly wisdom we could ever need to experience an abundant life – IF we apply it! In this course, we’ll examine the practical wisdom of Proverbs that is so helpful for guiding us through the challenges of daily life and explore the philosophical wisdom of Ecclesiastes, which explains our purpose here on earth and what really matters in life. You won’t want to miss out on benefiting from Solomon’s teachings – he is, after all, the wisest man who ever lived!

It can seem as though today’s culture encourages weakness, not strength. And this attitude has crept into the church: Don’t take a strong position of faith. Don’t take a strong view of evangelism. Don’t maintain strong moral values. Yet God’s people are called to be soldiers, and to fight for His cause and kingdom. This course will study the book of Joshua with specific focus and practical application for believers to purse a victorious life.

One was a foreigner and a peasant. The other, a reluctant queen to a man she hardly knew. But their stories have one thing in common: A remarkable faith committed to doing God’s will. For both Ruth and Esther, God used stressful circumstances to bring about his eternal purposes. In this course we will focus on the question, Will I trust God enough to face my challenges? Through this study we will see how the lives of these two remarkable women epitomize the type of faith that glorifies God.

On-site classes at our Washington location should resume after the new year.

Online classes are offered remotely for individual access. These classes are instructor led. Students will log in at specified times for digital interaction the class. 

All classes are offered from 6pm – 8pm, check specified dates. 

Online Classes

Thursdays, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.)  Instructor: Marteal Pitts.

Christ Truth Ministries

In seasons of great challenges or sudden, catastrophic events, leaders must use sound judgment and offer hope and healing. This course will offer insight on how leaders can unite their team under a common vision and purpose. Students will gain knowledge and practice in developing effective communication strategies, seeking creative collaboration, and providing compassionate care. Participants will be better equipped to help their church or organization grow through, not just go through, the crisis, empowering and caring for others while also adopting wholesome, self-care strategies.

(Tuesdays, November 10, 17, 24, December 1, 8. )  Instructor: Dr. Wilber Hawkins.

New Antioch Baptist Church Randallstown.

Wherever people interact or work together, disagreements, opposing views, and tensions are inevitable. If not carefully handled, they often escalate into disruptive and destructive conflicts. This course is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to identify causes of conflicts and creatively apply appropriate strategies to deal with conflicts in a godly manner