Topic Category: BIB104 Unit 6

Create a Devotional: Esther

This is one of the two books of the Old Testament named for a woman. While Ruth is the story of a Gentile who married a Jew, Esther is the story of a Jewess who married a Gentile. WRITER: Unknown. Could Mordecai have been the writer? (See Esther 9:29.) KEY VERSE: Est 4:14. For if …

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Create a Devotional: Ruth

RUTH – An addendum to the Book of Judges. A brochure of beauty. A bright picture on the black background of the judges. WRITER: Samuel could have been the writer KEY VERSE: Ruth 3:18 THEME: The kinsman-redeemer FEATURES: A love story without using the word “love.” The story of a prodigal family who went to …

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Unit 6 Journal Activity

Personal Journal: Explore key concepts of this unit via self-directed learning and crystalize these concepts in journal format. While any word processor will do, for maximum benefit, students are encouraged to begin an online blog. There are many free sites available for creating a blog, but Google’s Blogger is easy and free. You can either …

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