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The Benefits of Journaling

The Spiritual Benefit of Journaling[1] Every sport has its gear, every job its tool. But many tools can be used for multiple purposes, and some sports gear, such as cross-trainer shoes can be used in multiple sports.  Journaling, the process of reflection and writing down our experiences with God, can serve a similar spiritual purpose. …

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EQOT310 Isaiah Course Summary

Lesson 1. Introduction to Isaiah & prophets (Isaiah Chapters 1-6) Understand the early messages of Isaiah Compare the prophetic call Analyze Isaiah’s rhetoric  Assess the impact of God’s holiness on Isaiah Content Lesson 1 Readings Video presentation: Prophets in Israel     Activity: Call Chart           Video Presentation Isaiah 1: Setting the Stage      Activity: Rhetorical …

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EQOT310 Isiah Course Guide

Course Number and Name: EQOT310 Book of Isaiah Professor: Robert Spender, Ph.D. Course Description: This course examines the book of Isaiah, giving attention to historical background and the critical issues surrounding the book while focusing primarily on detailed analysis of the content. Throughout each lesson, emphasis is on the theological significance of the purpose and …

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