What May We Glean?

“So she gleaned in the field until even.” — Ruth 2:17

Our newest free Bible course we are offering online is a study of the Book of Ruth. The launch of this study is tied to the premier of the Lancaster Bible College spring musical. In an historical arrangement  Sight and Sound theater has provided its production of the Ruth, a musical production based on the Biblical book of the same name.

There are several interesting themes in the book, the love story between Ruth and Boaz among them. But another prominent theme is the quality of Ruth herself. Loyal and devoted to a fault, Ruth was also earnest and hardworking, as shown in Ruth 2:17, “So she gleaned in the field until evening.”

What can we learn from Ruth, the gleaner? Perhaps one idea might be to remember (and be inspired) by her difficult circumstance. Aside from Naomi, she was alone, having been widowed after the death of her husband. And more, she was in a strange land, having traveled to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law from her native land of Moab.

As Ruth went out to gather the barley, so we should go forth into the fields of prayer, meditation, and hearing the word to gather spiritual food. Ruth works through the day, and late into the evening. She gathers her portion grain by grain and her effort shows. The verse continues, “Then she threshed the barley she had gathered, and it amounted to about an ephah.”

What shall we then do? One lesson is that as her gains are little by little, so we must be content to search for single truths and look for the abundance over time. Every ear helps to make a bundle, and every gospel lesson assists in making us wise unto salvation. The gleaner keeps her eyes open, every grain counts. How often do we forget all that we have learned? Do we feel duly the importance of storing up the truth? I have even a greater necessity, Lord, help us to feel it, that it may urge us onward to glean in fields which may yet yield so great a reward to diligence.

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The material for this post was adopted from C.H. Spurgeon’s devotion from August 2nd – Evening. (Click here)

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